Differences Between Moissanite And Diamond

Moissanite is one of the rarely found minerals on the earth. It is also synthetically produced using silicon carbide and hence known as artificial diamond. On the Mohs scale, a diamond is rated 10 and moissanite 9.5 for their hardness. It resembles diamond in many ways and thus, it’s hard to spot the differences between both.

Moissanite is used in jewelry to substitute diamond. When you compare the real diamons vs. Artificial diamond, there are many astounding properties to the moissanite credit. The portals of www.stylecaster.com discuss the ways to enhance one’s beauty by choosing the right jewelry. Here are a few salient distinctions that make Moissanite stand a step ahead than the usual diamonds.

The brilliant features of Moissanite
When compared to diamonds, the moissanite is more sparkling and has enhanced brilliance. The color, cut, and clarity of Moissanite resembles the real diamonds closely. The moissanite also possesses the double refraction property which allows you to look at its opposite side with dual appearance. The higher refraction rates enable the light to be bent twice as much when compared to the diamonds. Similarly, the moissanite has enhanced dispersion properties.

As the light enters, it splits into a wide range of spectral colors. You can try this out by holding a moissanite against a good light source. You will be able to see colorful and bigger flashes. Moissanite has lower specific gravity, lowest density, and weight when contrasted with diamonds. These properties make them lighter. On an average, the moissanite possesses higher clarity. They are most often created in the labs observing controlled conditions to provide enhanced quality.

The price factors
The moissanite stones are colorless. They are often less expensive when compared to the diamonds, but it does not mean that the moissanite stones are inferior. You can buy a 1ct moissanite for $250, but if you look for diamonds, it ranges from $3500 to $30,000. The price of the diamond stones continues to increase based on the cut, clarity, and color. The moissanite stones can be bought at the online stores for a comparatively lower price.

Identifying a moissanite
You can either utilize a moissanite or diamond tester to judge the stone. The diamond tester analyzes the precious stone’s heat conductivity. But, as Moissanite has a similar conductivity to that of the diamond it cannot be well differentiated. Hence, using electronic diamond testers will help to distinguish between a diamond and a moissanite. On the other hand, the moissanite tester too works on a similar principle to identify the Moissanite stones accurately.

The best alternatives
When you think about substitutes for diamonds, you come across many options. But, moissanite stones are indeed far better choices. It cannot be compared to cubic zirconia. Buying a moissanite does not mean that you are settling for something less. Instead, the enhanced sparkling and dispersion properties make it superior to all the gemstones.

And most importantly, you avail a brilliant Moissanite jewelry at a very minimal cost. The sales for these stones have already reached the heights. The next time, keep in mind these points of distinction and make sure to choose a more brilliant moissanite ring for your beloved.

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