There can be different purposes for travel. It could be a business trip, conference, vacation or any other important agenda. But whenever you move away from home, your wardrobe is sure to accompany you. The ideal travel luggage for men should be stylistic as well as practical. It must also offer convenience to carry. There are various options when it comes to carrying luggage. Make smarter decisions as different trips require different baggage.

When you are out with your family for a vacation, you would require heavier baggage with rolling wheels. On the other hand, a short business trip would need slim luggage. Sometimes you need to carry multiple bags to suit your travel agenda. The portals of allow you to make wiser decisions through their insights on travel essentials. Let’s now consider the various criteria for choosing an ideal travel luggage.

Garment bags for an official trip
Men can opt to carry the garment bags, more commonly known as the “suitcase” for a conference or any business trip. It is suitable to take clothes that are hung and not folded like the suits and jackets. These bags prevent the chances for creases thereby offering you that professional look on your big day. There are different models available either with roller cases or with a shoulder strap. It is suitable for you to carry for week-long trips as it can hold multiple sets of formal garments.

Backpacks for a casual vacation
Many of you should be familiar with the two-strap backpack. They are best suited for carrying smaller items in more volumes. The zipping pockets available in these help men to carry multiple items. They are versatile and handy and can be used on any casual vacation. It offers maximum convenience to pack. If your travel involves a lot of walking around, then a backpack is the best bet to carry the essentials.

The frame backpacks are another variety which is supported by solid frames to provide them a structure. It can be taken for a hiking and camping trip as you can hang onto it all day long. It is a versatile option as a check-in bag for your airlines too. They make you feel like the typical tourist, for the travel guides to soon approach you.

Laptop bags for a professional look
Whenever you are on an official trip, the professional laptop bag comes in handy. You can call these bags a hybrid of backpack and office suitcase. These bags have a strap that runs through your chest and over the shoulders and sits on the hip. It can carry your laptop and other essential office accessories. They look perfect with a suit.

Carry-on weekend bags for holidaying
A soft-sided bag which is longer and bigger is an ideal option to carry for a perfect weekend road trip vacation. They are highly functional with a lot of versatile uses. You can squeeze as many casual clothes you can. There is one big internal compartment to carry all your gears. The bag is made of soft, lightweight materials without roller wheels. But always make sure to take soft and non-breakable items in it. So, all you macho men out there, are you ready to sport your bag for a dream holiday.


Are you someone who loves to hang out with your guy friends once in awhile, on weekends, late night parties, to wind up, to relax and enjoy the spirit of life just like a free bird? Visiting restaurant bars on a regular basis might end up creating a hole in your pocket. Also, an outside restaurant never has the freedom to laugh out loud, crack silly jokes and stay awake all night. So, the ideal solution would be a home bar. Just a refrigerator filled with drinks won’t suffice. If the wine bar with refrigerator compare is done, wine bar has numerous benefits over a simple refrigerator. You could get all the information about various drinks at the web page

Dry Bar- Lots Of Cabinets, Nil Water Supply
For deciding whether you need a dry or wet bar, first, let us take a look at what exactly is a dry bar. Just as the name implies, a dry bar doesn’t have any sink or pipe fittings on it. It is more like a piece of furniture with many cabinets inside it. It can hold your bottles, wine glasses, and other accessories. The main advantage of a dry bar is that it can be constructed in such a way that it can be carried around and moved to another convenient space if needed. You can easily customize the cabinets in such a way that you can include separate spaces for special glassware and large bottles. Another advantage is that it is versatile. It can be converted to a china cabinet. It can be made in any design that goes with the theme and other furniture of the room.

Wet Bar- With Sink And Pipe Fittings
Wet bar, as the name itself denotes, is always wet! It has a sink and pipe fittings. It would usually be near the kitchen, near to plumbing lines. The sink is the main attraction here. A wet bar can be made in any room as long as there is a sink, water supply and draining pipe in the room. It is usually built by the customer itself. The wet bar would have wine coolers, liquor cabinets, and cabinets for displaying bottles and glassware. Wine coolers would ensure that all your drinks maintain the right cool temperature in which you love to drink it. Constructing wet bars might be a bit costly as the plumbing works would cost more. You could also install professional bar sinks.

Prefabricated bars are also available in the market. But you will not be able to customize it according to your needs. The best way is to seek the help of a custom home bar cabinet designer and zero in on the bar design that works well for you. You could even create separate cabinets for napkins, glassware, bottles, openers, etc. You can choose whether you need a dry bar or wet bar according to your personal needs. So that now you know which one to choose, get help from a professional home bar designer, construct it and plan the next party with your gang of friends!